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Brand introduction

"Not defining beauty and ugly is the only way to grow into the best version of you, there's no need to change who you are because of other people's opinion."

People's instinct misconception of "ugly" made it a synonym of something negative, hence I dedicated myself to create a ideal kingdom where there's no beauty nor ugly. Beauty and Ugly is merely a matter of your own preference.


☞能關注IG 有些商品都是限量售完為止 

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About Uglymart & Kingjun 

當「Uglymart醜店」遇上「  Kingjun工作室」



When "Uglymart" encountered "Kingjun's studio"

Established in 2014, I turned illustration brand "Kingjun"s drawings into products, and begin to join various market events, later on displayed my items in different stores. Thankfully, hard work paid off and I gained popularity through social media. Ever since I was little, I dreamed to open my own toy store. I started to save up money by doing part-time jobs and side-hustles from illustrating, eventually reached the capital that is sufficient for opening a store. After years of preparation, "Uglymart" officially opened in February 28, 2019, with American old toys featuring "Kingjun"s creation, from painting cabinets to interior design, I did it all by myself. Since opening, I've collaborated with several other illustrators and held indoor markets and activities. Besides selling Kinjun's limited edition items, I also value interactions with each customers, hoping it's not merely a toy store, but a place of aspiring creativity.


P.S. Our brick and mortar store is currently closed. Hoping it'll reopen in the future with everyone’s support!